Worth1000, Body Shop 3 (WIP)


It’s time to up the quality ante. In this contest you will take tasteful images of the nude body or any part of the human body (I don’t want to hear any complaints of a lack of source material) and use your image-editing program as if it were a tattoo needle. Read the rules below carefully so you don’t have your image removed.

The rules of this game are thus: Your image must contain nude skin, but the emphasis is to de-emphasize the nudity. This contest is about art. Not pornography. (No genitalia, pubic hair, nipples, or butts – you should edit them out if necessary so that people can browse this from work). You should create tattoos on your model’s skin. You can add clothing, you can chop on whatever you like, so long as it looks like a tattoo. This contest is about your coloration and composition skills, nothing more such as in the themepost.


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